About The Project


From the branding, to the website, to the business cards and other printed materials our goal was to give the brand a premium feel that would reflect the quality of the amazing products that they install as well as the various spaces where they would be found.

Our goal for the website was to deliver a very high-end experience from top to bottom. From the navigation to the way the individual products are displayed to the animations used all of these items were curated to help align the site with the brands values.

The business cards for this project were strategically designed to not only portray relevant information in an attractive way but to also be functional allowing enough room for notes to be made if needed. Being an extension of the brand we wanted to maintain the high-end feel right down to the materials used to print the cards. The combination of both matte and glossy finishes and use of a thicker card stock will really give you a feel for the brand from the moment you pick up one of these cards.

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